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 Tip: friction moves

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PostSubject: Tip: friction moves   Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:10 pm

some moves can be performed while you are moving, even though they have nothing to do with movement

quick execution of certain moves while running allows for a little extra distance while execution

most examples involve upward smashes, in which you launch someone into the airthen you run after them. when you're close enough you immediately do the attack, so the game doesn't register your cease of movement it simply stop moving you because nothing is supplying them momentum to make it move

basically, the game didn't figure out you stopped moving as quickly as it ussually does because it can't animate it (you know, the stopping animation, but you're doing a move, so it doesn't happen)

This is not limited just to up smash, you can also use it so sidestep dodge, among other things, experiment with each characters moves(the ground one) and see which onces can be 'frictioned'

DACUS: basically a friction move, but also not a friction move. DACUS stands for dash attack, cancel, up smash. When done with certain characters, it increases the distance they move with out friction. To do, dash, quickly cancel it(down on conrtol sitck/pad), then immediately Up smash, if done correctly, your character will slide much farther than normal

Again, test it out...see what you find

(I'll inform you of a pattern I'm starting to see with characters, if it proves correct)

Everyones favorite black man in green out

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Tip: friction moves
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