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 Characters techniques

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PostSubject: Characters techniques   Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:00 pm

Can someone train me on how to do one of meta knights moves n if theres a chain combo i could do... And also for ice climbers there chain grabs....
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PostSubject: Re: Characters techniques   Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:14 pm

It's kind of sad how nobody replied to this.... Well, MK I don't know much about. You could chain Uairs and finish with Mach Tornado for an early kill. I think one of his throws combos into fair too.

As for Ice Climbers...

F throw - Walk forward with Nana as you throw. DO NOT dash. Re grab as soon as Popo throws. The timing differs between the first and second throw

B throw - Input a back dash and press Z immediately.

Will edit later. >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Characters techniques   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:34 pm

With the ice climbers there is the chaingrab going forward or throwing back and forth

You also have the millions of grab endings. For example

Use one of them to throw the opponent up and use the other by tilting the control stick up softly to make him jump, then Fair and side B to end it.

You could also do that with Down B to end it

If you land a grab near the edge and the opponent is decently high in %, throw him forward or up and try to use Fair right after, if it hits they will usually be spiked to death. (Works on FD and possibly BF, maybe others)
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PostSubject: Re: Characters techniques   Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:12 am

Forward throw: Throw the opponent and tilt the control stick forward and re grab, the timings a little strict but it comes naturally once you get it down. Make sure you're not inputting a dash. If you have a loose control stick this is next to impossible. The timing differs from the first grab to the second. The timing for this is the same for all characters. Some are easy to grab such as Bowser due to their larger hurtbox. Ness and Lucas are kind of hard to chain.

Forward throw to Fair Nana: Do a forward throw and jump at the same time. Then DI forward and do a Fair. The opponent should fall to the ground and be in a weird standing animation in front of you. You can re-grab them. After 35% the opponent will lie on their back. You can use desynch'd Ice Shot to Ice lock them. The opponent can tech after 35% though. This can be used to spike the opponent if you're near the edge.

Down throw: Throw the opponent and walk forward slightly and grab. This isn't a very good chain grab but it's pretty easy. The timing differs from character to carry. The heavier a character is the longer the throwing animation will be. If you get a grab at 0% d throw to f throw is a good set up since it doesn't allow the opponent to mash out if done fast enough.

Down throw to Fair Nana: This is similar to the forward throw variant, except theres a delay between jumping and the down throw. If your opponent isn't good at teching you can buffer an Ice Shot re-grab after 35%.

Down throw to forward throw: This chain grab is really easy and a good opener. It can be done out of a dash grab immediately, whereas you'd have to wait to do any other ones except down throw to down throw. Just down throw and move Nana slightly forward and press grab, she shouldn't dash. Now tilt the control stick forward and grab with Popo. This has the same timing as the second throw in the forward throw chain grabs. The forward through should put you in perfect position to do any chain grab you want.

Back throw: Throw the opponent and input a dash in the same direction and grab immediately. If Nana doesn't turn around you didn't push the control stick to the rim or did it too slow. Nana should be right beside Popo this, if theres space between them you did it wrong. After this back throw you can do many things. The timing differs for different weights. Delay the grab a little for medium weights and a lot for heavy weights. Once you get the timing down it's really easy.

Back throw to down throw: Do a back throw chain grab and then tilt the control stick diagonally forward. Popo should walk forward while Nana d throws. Grab as soon as you see the animation of them bouncing of the ground. After you grab hold down the grab button for half a second. Nana should shield and slide to Popo. This is a very easy and good chain grab for light and light-middle weight characters. Make sure you're not walking far when you d throw. You don't want to give the opponent time to mash out.

Back throw to back throw: Do a back throw chain grab and then tilt the control stick back just enough so that Popo turns around. Nana should throw and grab when the opponent is over Popo's head. Popo shouldn't move at all, just turn. Nana moves a little on the first back throw though. This chain grab is harder than b throw to do throw, but faster. Buffered b throw chain grabs are the best, since it gives the opponent so little time to mash out.

Back throw to forward throw: Do a back throw chain grab and then buffer a forward throw. The timing is a little hard to get down since theres a delay between the forward throw and the grab. Popo shouldn't move if you buffered it correctly. This is a great chain grab for middle weights. You can also tilt the control stick slightly forward instead of buffering but you might go to far and it gives the opponent extra frames to mash out.

Hobbling: To hobble you throw your opponent in any direction (back and forward are easier and more efficient) and then foot stool. Immediately after the foot stool mash B twice. Your opponent should stand up similar to how he would if you Jab locked him. They will be helpless, allowing you to re-grab. The easiest way to hit the jump button three times quickly as soon as you throw. You have to DI forward when doing the f throw hobble. Make sure you Ice Shot twice immediately after the foot stool. You can also Ice shot lock out of this but it's not recommended. This is a good chain grab for heavy weights and difficult to do on medium and light weights.

Smash Hobbling: Do a hobble and then charge an up smash. Walk forwards and release the smash as they stand up. Grab immediately after the smash hits. Nana should be smashing. If Popo smashes you didn't Ice Shot twice. Back throw is much easier than forward throw when it comes to hobbling and smash hobbling. In order to charge the smash and still be able to grab you either need to claw and hit up on the C-stick and A or change your controls.

Theres a lot of possible variations. Pivot grabs are flashy and easy to do, only do them with Popo though. Nana's attraction
to Popo makes her harder to control and she moves slower. Be creative, but remember the faster you do these the better.

All written by me on another forum. :] They're not really hard, just takes a bit of practice. Once you get the timing down it's really, really easy. I actually changed X to grab so I could do buffered B throws quickly, it's worked wonders. I'd recommend you do the same if your not using it for anything else, because it allowed me to CG quickly and really consistently. I still use Z for grabbing normally and sometimes forward throw or D throw > F throw CG starters.

Just remember it's not all about Chain grabs, you need to learn how to desynch, Juggle, RECOVER, etc Squall Hammer is at least top 5 in recovery. It has 2/3 as much vertical distance as Luigi cyclone and as much horizontal distance as DK's Up Special. You should NOT be getting gimped if you can resynch them, not even from under the stage.

If you need help with anything else, just ask. Also, they'll try to take out Nana early so make sure you try not to get separated. You WILL be separated, though, so try to hit them while they're attacking her and if she's hit by something like Ike's F Smash and she SDI's down or something you can actually jump and uair and her momentum will totally stop and you'll be resynched. Uair is pretty good for resynching off stage too. Never try a desynch'd Squall Hammer or Belay. Both can "teleport" Nana, but Squall Hammer has a very short distance in which it can.

Good luck. :]

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PostSubject: Re: Characters techniques   

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Characters techniques
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