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PostSubject: Guide:Luigi   Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:29 pm

Luigi has very fast attacks,but yet slow mobility and short ranged.Luigi has the strongest Sex Kick(Nair) and second highest jump in Brawl.Has slow fast fall,dash,and traction.Overall,Luigi can run hot or cold.


F-smash:Quick spearhand attack.KO potential under 70%.Can be tilted.14-21%
D-smash:Breakdancing sweep kick.Decent vertical knockback.16-22%
U-smash:A headbutt.High horizontal knockback.12-15%


N-air:Luigi extends his leg for a period of time.KO potential below 125%.14%
F-air:Karate style attack.10%
B-air:Backward kick.12%
U-air:Flip attack.Can be used to juggle.13%
D-air:A quick spin kick attack.Can SPIKE in certain frames or hitbox.11%


Fireball:Green balls of fire.Not affected by gravity.5%
Green Missile:Missile attack(hence the name)Can misfire (12.5)of the time.5-26%
Super Jump Punch:A high jump.IF sweetspotted,Turns into a Super Fire Punch with much more power.KO potential depends on char class weight.IF not sweetspotted,does one percent damage+very punishable(If the player grabs a ledge.)1 OR 25%
Luigi Cyclone:Luigi spins wildly.Attacks anything caught in the cyclone2-14%

Final Smash:Negative Zone
Luigi does a chanting dance that creates bubble(A.K.A Negative Zone).A variety of effects can happen to the victims caught in the Negative Zone:
Slow movement
Flower head that causes damage
Attack power decrease
Excessive Prat Falling(tripping)
Uncontrollable taunts
the list goes on......
Victims are also prone to Luigi's Super Jump Punch resulting in a KO(Also his d-taunt can KO IF the opponent is lightweighted).
ALSO,respawning does NOTHING to reduce the effects of Negative Zone.
HOW TO DODGE:simply just roll out of the Zone.

This guide is complete.I hope it serves Luigi mains

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