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 Guide: Marth

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MG i.e. Black luigi


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PostSubject: Guide: Marth   Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:32 pm

Marths attack are very fast, but his footspeed leaves something to be desired. The fact that he can counter leaves room for devious things indeed. He has no ranged attack , so you must get in medium range to do some damage, so be on your gaurd with grabby oponents, especially link or samus. It would be easier listing his slow attacks than his quick ones


Special Attacks:
Standard: Sheild breaker
Smash: Dancing blade
Up: Blade of seals
Down: counter

Final Smash: Critical hit

Marth's throw: grab

Marth's standard attacks:

Jab: Marth swipes upward or downward with his sword. A slow attack for marth, but great for interrupting an attack.

Ftilt: Marth bends his arm across himself, then slashes in a diagnal arc in front of himself. A medium speed attack with decent damage

Utilt: Marth raises his sword above his head then, slashes his sword in an arc over his head. A quicker attack, especially since he doesn't arc his sword over his entire body. ussually launches diagnally, instead of vertically.

Dtilt: Marth crouches and stabs his sword out in front of him, jumping forward a bit in the process. since it moves him when he does the attack, and it has low knockback, it can be strung together into multiple skewering of toes.

Smash attacks:

Fsmash: Marth arcs his sword over his body, starting on the opposite side you want to smash, and hits the ground with the flat of his sword. His medium speed smash attack is slow, and should do no heavy lifting,but is powerful as a finisher

Usmash: Marth jabs his sword straight into the air above him. Slow to execute, but has capability to hit beyond the sword, his foot can be used to knock people away from the edge.



Aerial attacks:





Critical hit:
2.Short range
3.Can hit multiple targets
4.One hit
5.great finisher
Best: on people without projectiles
Worst: when used during after someone was just revived

Sheild breaker:
1.faster than it seems
2. charges
3.Has potential to break sheilds
4.Ends combos nicely
5. longer recoil time
6. used correctly, it can shunt you forward midair
Best: Defending and attack at the simoltaneously
Worst: Sidesteps

Dancing blade:
1. very quick
2. manipulation of joy stick allows multiple slashes
3. colorful :3
4. begins combos
5. pushes opponent off board
6. A little weak
7. If you plan to use a quick attack to interrupt an attack pattern, this attack is it for marth.
Best: To build damage quickly
Worst: when they get out in the window between the second and third hits

Blade of Seals:
1. recovery move
2. lighting fast to grab onto ledges
3.great suprise attack
4. low reach cannot grab what you do not face
best: when used to recover
worst: when used on a ledge

1.stops almost any attack
2. attcks for you
3.In midair it stops your movement
4.slow to start and finish
5.stops projectiles
best:against things like skullbash
worst: great timing

Combo 1: Dancing blade to blade of seals, very straight forward. If you can hit with the first strike in dancing blade, then you'll hit with the others, after the last hit, since you can't hit them with dancing blade(Db) again, hit them with blade of seals(Sb). If you fail to launch with Db, then Sb is the perfect finisher, as it gets them high in the air, so they don't come back and attack while you are open, and it launches them considerably far.

Combo 2: roll and counter. using a rolling dodge facing your opponent, roll behind them, then counter as fast as you can. This is good for an easy hit on the best players, since they will take advantage of your proximity

Strategy: Don't let them attack: marth is fast enough he can keep most opponents from landing a hit on him as long as he does not relent. The above combos are great for this strategy, but don't make too many mistakes, you can't always take them back.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide: Marth   Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:36 pm

you know marth's final smash can even hit people when they have respawned Shocked

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MG i.e. Black luigi


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PostSubject: Re: Guide: Marth   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:02 pm

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MG i.e. Black luigi


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PostSubject: Re: Guide: Marth   Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:18 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Guide: Marth   Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:52 am

Marth's Dair is also very deadly..yet I still can't get the hang of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide: Marth   

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Guide: Marth
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