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War with Charged Brigade 08/27/10 at 9:00PM EST! Please make sure to attend!

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PostSubject: stratigie:toonlink   Wed May 26, 2010 3:47 am

His size can be good or bad. He is one of the smaller fighters in the roster, and due to this he can be hard to attack, defended against or to others he can be the easiest target in the match. It all depends on how the player uses Toon Link. His dashes are super fast, almost mimicking the Link in A Link to the Past equipped with Pegasus Boots. His jumps should always be used wisely, considering they have height. He has one of the best recovering jumps in the game. Not only does he have a high double jump but his spinning sword slash puts him even higher.

Toon Link’s combo is simple, two slashes from the sword and then a hard stab. Quick slashes and the hard stab can sometimes put a fighter over the edge, sending them into the abyss. Toon Link uses his Master Sword to it’s advantage. His jump attacks are just as intense with his blade. Up+A is a quick half spin with the blade, a good move to use when players are floating and/or in the higher of platforms. Holding both up and A during flight will have Toon Link push his blade upwards with a hard stab. Another fantastic move to use when fighters are brawling on a higher platform or in some of those hard to reach places.

Down+A is almost identical to holding up and A, but he stabs downward, using all of his weight to push against the Earth below him. A powerful move to use when opponents are surrounding you like a group of Miniblins. Up+up+A will have Toon Link perform an amazing spinning sword slash in mid-air, hitting multiple enemies at once. Use it to take down the pesky flying fighters that believe they are safe in the air.

Using Toon Link’s quick slashes and stabs are key to matches with other speedy characters like Pikachu, Sonic or Captain Falcon. But, if all else fails, hero, bombs are your friend. Pressing down+Smash will have Toon Link reach into his bomb bag and pull out a trusty bomb. Bombs have a 6-7 second countdown, but it’s always best to throw the bomb at your opponents when the bomb blinks yellow. Using these bombs during large battles is best, due to the fact that the bomb’s explosion hits everyone that come near it.

Great Deku Tree, my sword is short ranged, and my bombs have depleted. Worry not, hero, Toon Link has brought his great bow and arrow. It takes two seconds to pull back and have a real accurate shot, it’s swift and powerful and best used when you are away from your opponents. Due to the great distance the arrow has sometimes it’s best to use when you are on the other side of your opponents. Hold the Special Button to take it out.

Toon Link can also throw his boomerang he has used throughout both his adventures in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. Left/right+Smash will have Toon Link throw his boomerang at his opponents. One of the longer moves Toon Link possesses, due to the fact that his boomerang will return to him continuing it’s process of hitting opponents on it’s way. A great move to use on levels like Final Destination.

Don’t forget Toon Link’s power of the Triforce. His Final Smash! Standing close to an opponent and hitting the Smash button will have him unleash the power and slash his enemy numerous times sending the opponent into the darkness. There is no way out for your opponent when caught in the borage of sword slashes.

Using some of Toon Link’s weapons to their advantage can make the player turn legend. Toon Link brings his weapons from his previous adventures and makes his opponents become his own scallywags. Just don’t forget the rupees. Oh, and did you get the sword from the Old Man on top of the waterfall?
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PostSubject: Re: stratigie:toonlink   Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:34 pm

I hope it serves TL mains Very Happy
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